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    JOIN  THE  Friends  of  the  YPBHMuseum

    We also offer a sponsorship opportunity at several levels, with membership in the Friends of the YPBHMuseum.  You can choose the one that suits you best: 

  • “Cinnabar” membership: $25/year
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  • All annual memberships are for the calendar year (though, in case you come to desire donating only at the end of the year, we’ll add November and December to the following calendar year for you :^).

    Even if your “yearly” membership is only one time, your help in establishing the museum’s base in its critical early years will have been very effective.

    “Cinnabar”, “Thunder Mountain”, and “Golden Gate” members receive an attractive YPBHM window sticker that you can display on your vehicle.  We very much appreciate your donation to the cause! – and we would like to acknowledge you also on our Sponsor page.

    Founders Club members receive lifetime Friends of the YPBHMuseum membership designation.  You honor this organization with exceptional support, and we honor you in relatively small but heartfelt ways:  You will receive a special Founders Club YPBHM window sticker.  Your name will be listed as special donor on our Sponsors page.  And museum visitors will be made aware of your generous contribution via a plaque displayed inside the Yellow Pine Backcountry Historical Museum

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    Another option for some is to include the Yellow Pine Backcountry Historical Museum, Inc. in your estate planning.  If you are interested in learning more about how to make this sort of bequest, we invite you to contact YPBHM president Bill McIntosh – president @ – for an overview of the possibilities.



    On our Photos page we will be explaining the procedure for submitting digitized images of old photos and other paper ephemera (such as letters, placards, and diaries) when that facility is set up. In the meantime, you may send them by email (in batches, if you would be so kind, if you have many) to:  digital @

    We are also collecting originals and true copies of these items, as well as other items, both large and small, of historical interest related to the Yellow Pine vicinity.  (For instance, high-definition scans of whole pages of family albums of photos relating to the area are wonderful ways to share images of the backcountry in the museum – and they tend to be annotated with names and dates, which we love!) If you would be willing to donate, or lend longterm (or only for such time as it takes for copies to be made, if you’re unable to do so), such objects, we would love to hear from you:  contribute @

    And we are interested in any other information you may have access to that others would like to know about, such as names of old-time property holders, stories (or snippets thereof) about pioneers and what-it-was-like-to-live-there bits and pieces.  (We may in the future have online forums set up for the purpose of collecting these tidbits and tales.)  Keep in mind that you might have ideas about what to collect that we haven’t thought of yet! – and if you wonder, please do ask/suggest:  articles @

    Of course, with each option, you will be helping to ensure that the excitement of the Yellow Pine Backcountry Historical Museum startup carries on into future years…  We can do a lot together!


    Yellow Pine Backcountry Historical Museum